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"S" on my chest for @iisuperwomanii | @thesandylion | #esskayji #ootd


A mad Derrick Rose is a scary Derrick Rose.


 i made a thing 
happy birthday michael! we miss you very much ♥

Happy 56th Birthday, Michael Joseph Jackson!  

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Dollar and a Dream

Blessings from the Buddha. | @thesandylion | Photo - @photogenixps | MUA & Hair - @myeshara | #Esskayji #buddha #photogenix #myeshara

Like if you feelin the new design
Not long before this releases. For those interested, Save up and cop when it comes out because they will go fast.  Comment and let me know what other in the lab gear I should come out wit Tag a friend #inthelab #ballonastring #itl #ballislife

The city is Nas’ roots…

The women’s “See A Singh” t-shirt, get yours at www.seeasingh.com | P.S. It was designed by @humblethepoet & there are various different Men’s ones too! |

Daggers. | @thesandylion | #esskayji #straighthair

Definitely took practice to get this pose down and what I realized was it got harder and harder every time I stopped practicing. Keeping the yoga or even the flexibility consistent is key. Once you loose the consistency it feels like you have to start all over again from scratch. (Disclaimer: That’s with anything in life.) A good way to stay consistent is to set goals and achieveable benchmarks for yourself. You can even take lessons and have a buddy, like @hetsp - she’s actually got Yoga Flex n’ Fit classes starting September 4, 2014 check out her page to find out more about her classes!

Beautiful lady😍

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Isaiah Thomas is the definition of Heart Over Height